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NOV-DEC 2017

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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2 | What Fiber Broadband Can Do For Your Community | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | | FALL 2017 Contents This primer was originally written by Steven S. Ross and has been updated by him and Masha Zager. It summarizes research commissioned by the Fiber Broadband Association and BroadBand Communities as well as independent reporting by BroadBand Communities staff. In addition, the case study of RS Fiber is based on a BroadBand Communities article authored by Ann Treacy and Bill Coleman, and the case study of Sandy, Oregon, is based on a BroadBand Communities article authored by Christopher Mitchell and Hannah Trostle. Cover photo credit: Chris Berdik. Reliability… Bandwidth… Affordability… Future-Proofing… Symmetry… Security… Economic Development… Sustainability… New Broadband Content & Services… Higher Revenue… 3 WHY FIBER? The world's communications systems run on optical fiber. It can easily support current and future broadband needs. 6 BROADBAND AND BANDWIDTH A guide to what's filling up all those internet pipes and why fiber has the capacity to carry it. 8 THE LIGHT FANTASTIC Fiber is strong, resilient and impervious to lightning. 10 TELEHEALTH Broadband-enabled health care reduces costs and allows the chronically ill to live more independently. 12 WHY WE'LL ALWAYS NEED MORE BANDWIDTH Bandwidth growth and innovation go hand in hand. New devices and applications appear every day. 14 GIGABIT (AND MORE) TO THE HOME Symmetrical gigabit service is becoming the standard. 16 VITAL FOR EDUCATION Students need fiber connections in school and at home. 18 SMART CITIES, SMART FARMS Fiber transforms municipal services and agriculture. 19 BROADBAND, PROPERTY VALUES AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Fiber boosts property values and economic growth. 20 FTTH FOR COMMUNITIES Municipalities can build their own networks or work with providers to do so. 23 IS FTTH TOO EXPENSIVE? A fiber-to-the home network is often the most cost-effective option. 24 COMMUNITY SUCCESS STORIES Fiber communities retain growing businesses, attract new companies and play host to tech startups. 26 BUILDERS, REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS AND FTTH Questions real estate developers ask about fiber 28 PROPERTY DEVELOPERS WIN WITH FIBER Fiber can make multifamily buildings more competitive. 30 DIGGING DEEPER Resources for learning more about fiber to the home

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