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JUL 2017

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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JULY 2017 | | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | 21 Property owners that offer internet don't necessarily have to offer voice and video services. Providing these amenities is complex and time- consuming and involves complex billing systems and support structures. In addition, millennials are much more interested in high-speed internet than in traditional phone and cable TV. e great majority of residents are satisfied with a simple connectivity package. If tenants need services above and beyond the package, it's important that they have the option to call the phone or cable company for service. (In 3twenty Apartments, the building shown here, both phone and cable company services are available to residents.) "Keep it simple" is NovaONE's philosophy, and "simple" high-speed internet is what millennials demand. BENEFITS TO PROPERTY OWNERS ere are a lot of options for fiber connectivity, including many options property owners aren't even aware of. A turnkey solutions provider with expertise in the fiber leasing market can secure better pricing and terms for connectivity and help property owners through the process of becoming an internet service provider. is allows a landlord to pass some or all savings on to residents and provide internet service that is better and cheaper than the alternatives. is increases the marketability and revenue intake of their buildings. ere are some caveats. Illegal, unethical or inappropriate internet usage by residents can be an issue. Owners should address the liabilities involved with internet access before they start the process. Another problem is that older buildings may have poor infrastructure that makes it challenging to deliver low- cost, high-quality service. However, with wireless and innovative hardware now available, fast, high-quality internet can usually be delivered over existing wiring. 608 Real Estate offers 100 Mbps symmetrical internet access as an amenity to residents of 3twenty Apartments in Madison, Wisconsin. Photo Credit: M5 Creative Fiber optic termination enclosure, main distribution frame and patch panel in 3twenty Apartments.

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