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OCT 2016

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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46 | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | | OCTOBER 2016 MDU CASE STUDIES Looking Back: Property of the Month Classics What does it take to make a Property of the Month? Vision, execution – and the willingness to try something new. By Masha Zager / Broadband Communities I n 2008, this magazine launched a new feature called Property of the Month, intended to showcase success stories and highlight best practices for delivering broadband to residential communities and hospitality properties. ough we didn't manage to produce one every month – for one thing, Broad B and Communities comes out seven times a year – we have published 44 Property of the Month stories in the last eight years. It's continued to be a popular feature; readers have even said they read it "religiously." Recently, I looked back through the articles (you can see the entire collection at www. with the aim of picking out the "top of the top" for an encore presentation – and I couldn't do it. Nearly all are still impressive today, and there was really no meaningful way to rank them (though the January 2010 "fiber to the yacht" story might merit a prize for Most Unusual Deployment). What struck me was their diversity in terms of property types, residents' needs and demands, technologies used, services offered, business models and many other variables. No two stories are exactly alike; there are many ways to succeed. Some deployments are interesting because they address technical challenges, others because they address marketing challenges, still others because they meet niche resident needs or help revamp a property for an entirely new use. Here's what they have in common: e property owners and service providers had clear ideas about what they were trying to accomplish, executed the projects very well (sometimes after recovering from a glitch or two) and were willing to take risks, if necessary, by trying out new ideas. In keeping with the theme of diversity, here are excerpts from four very different stories that show some of the range of deployments. Contributing editor Joe Bousquin wrote the first three, and I wrote the last one. I hope you'll go back to the originals for more details – and that you will propose your own favorite project for a future Property of the Month. JEFFERSON ON THE CREEK (OCTOBER 2008) e first Property of the Month this magazine featured was Jefferson on the Creek, an early Verizon Fios deployment in Warminster, Pennsylvania. e property manager's goal was to expand resident choices by adding a second excellent provider to the property. Jefferson on the Creek is a community of 390 apartments and townhomes that occupies nearly 35 acres in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Straddling the banks of bucolic Southampton Creek in Bucks County (within 40 minutes of downtown Philadelphia), the community is sited among mature shade trees and ample walking trails.

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