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JUL 2015

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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4 | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | | JULY 2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS New York artist Irving Grunbaum is seeing stars – fber-to-the-home stars, that is. ABOUT THE COVER Visit for up-to-the-minute news of broadband trends, technologies and deployments COVER STORY DEPARTMENTS 2 EDITOR'S NOTE 6 BANDWIDTH HAWK 94 MARKETPLACE ADS 95 ADVERTISER INDEX / CALENDAR IN THIS ISSUE 26 FTTH Top 100 List / A BBC Staff Report Leaders and innovators in the fiber-to-the- home arena for 2015 COMMUNITY BROADBAND 22 Lexington Goes for a Gig / By Masha Zager, Broadband Communities Mayor Jim Gray's fiber optic initiative puts Lexington, Ky., on a forward- looking path. FIBER AND WIRELESS DEPLOYMENT 76 Holy Cross High School Graduates to a New Network / By Masha Zager, Broadband Communities A new network infrastructure in a private high school yields educational benefits. OPINION 78 Connecting Cambridge / By Saul Tannenbaum, Cambridge Broadband Task Force Why doesn't Cambridge, Mass., have a next-generation network? THE LAW 80 FCC Connect America Fund Advances Broadband Deployment / By Douglas Jarrett, Keller and Heckman Competitive providers get ready to bid on CAF funds for the underserved areas that the price-cap carriers turn down. BROADBAND APPS 84 Distributed Work Centers / By Michael B. Shear, Strategic Office Networks Beyond telecommuting: Broadband infrastructure offers the opportunity to redesign the concept of the worksite. TECHNOLOGY 90 Optical Fiber in the Living Unit / By Anurag Jain and John George , OFS A new solution for installing fiber invisibly with no disruption to residents. FEATURES PROVIDER PERSPECTIVE 8 We Can Run Away With This Market / By Bryan J. Rader, Bandwidth Consulting LLC Paying attention to what customers want is more productive than playing catch-up with competitors. METRICS 10 Next-Generation Internet / By David Daugherty, Korcett Holdings Legacy cable and telco infrastructure was designed for the pre-Internet world. Next-generation Internet needs a new approach. PROPERTY OF THE MONTH 14 $25 Gigabit Wows Residents: Park Square at Seven Oaks, Bakersfield, Calif. / By Masha Zager, Broadband Communities The developer of these new luxury apartments installed its own fiber-to-the-unit network and provides Internet service to residents. THE GIGABIT HIGHWAY 96 FTTH Boosts Home Values / By Heather Burnett Gold, FT TH Council Americas Fiber-delivered Internet increases home values by up to 3.1 percent, according to a new study. 22

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