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AUG-SEP 2014

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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50 | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | | AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2014 FTTH CONFERENCE COVERAGE wireless reception, particularly for cellular devices such as phones and tablets, as they add fber to the home in MDUs or optical LANs in business environments. Corning also showed its new, cassette-based Centrix high-density fber management system, which can support up to 4320 LC or 2880 SC connectors in a 7-foot-high rack. Te cassettes come empty or preloaded; each has 36 LC or 24 SC connectors. Jumper routing is easy, almost intuitive, and all jumper cables in the rack are the same length. Clearfeld, a cassette pioneer, isn't standing still either. It showed its new SmartRoute panel, which stores two spools of fber with popular SC, LC or MPO connectors. Up to 200 feet of 3 mm, 12-strand fber or 125 feet of 4 mm, 24-strand FieldShield cable can be stored and pulled out as needed in a panel that is only one rack unit high. Te company promises more iterations of the basic design. Suttle showed its FutureLink pole-, cable- or wall-mounted stackable terminals for indoor or outdoor use. Te basic design can handle fber storage, as well as interconnects and routing, inside the same basic box. IN THE CORRIDORS Cove molding is no longer a dirty term for owners and managers of high-end MDUs and MTUs. Crownduit went big, announcing attractive and easily deployed molding that complements any luxury decor (see image). At the other end of the scale, 3M – which pioneered the art of taping fber to walls and making it almost disappear – continued to refne its deployment tools. It now packages connectors with disposable, 120-use wire cleavers. Te device itself (see image) tells the technician when the cutter has to be replaced. DUCTS MaxCell, a pioneer in fexible fabric ductwork (a technology that is not easy to master), ofered a new trick for placing fber in crowded ducts and conduit. Its MaxSpace can strip innerduct from existing cable at up to 10 feet per minute without interrupting service. Te old fber falls to the bottom of the duct or conduit, leaving Each 3M Easy Cleaver provides approximately 120 precise fat cuts. The disposable tool has an innovative fber-clamping design and a diamond-wire cleaving edge instead of a blade. There is no maintenance or blade rotation. The tool is included with select packages of 3M's No Polish Connectors, Crimplok+ Connectors and Fibrlok II Splices. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor fber as it is compatible with bufered, jacketed and drop cables. It includes strip and cleave length markings that are appropriate for 3M's connectors and splices. After 120 uses, the tool can be disposed of. Quality architectural crown molding from Crownduit made its ofcial launch at the show. Rather than hide fber on a wall surface, this product creates magnifcent decorative gateways in apartments and along MDU corridors. Composite wood molding, available in a range of styles from modern to Federal, snaps into easy-to-deploy tracks to create versatile gateways. Corner pieces, as in the picture above, and seam covers give quick access to the cable. Even long sections can be pulled away and replaced with ease. HOW GVTC DEPLOYS FIBER GVTC, a large cooperative north of San Antonio, has been deploying FTTH since 2004 and now passes 39,000 buildings (each of which may have multiple tenants) with fber. It also still has HFC and DSL infrastructure. How does GVTC decide where to deploy fber to the premises? The company looked at key data from its customers and mapping system: • All area buildings • Buildings served • Broadband availability • Trouble tickets for existing plant • Billed revenue • Square mileage of the area It also estimated fber construction costs and right- of-way issues to end up with a weighted scoring system that includes these factors: • Customer penetration • 12 Mbps broadband availability • DSL availability • Trouble ticket index • Average revenue per customer • Outside-plant cost to premises • Construction difculty score • OLT requirements at the central ofce • Age of existing plant • Premises density • Existing competition GVTC validated the system by working up a complete business case for one of the top 20 areas identifed by the criteria.

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