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JUL 2014

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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4 | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | | JULY 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS COVER STORY DEPARTMENTS 2 EDITOR'S NOTE 6 BANDWIDTH HAWK 87 MARKETPLACE ADS 88 ADVERTISER INDEX / CALENDAR IN THIS ISSUE PROVIDER PERSPECTIVE 8 Is Bad Customer Service Newsworthy? / By Bryan J. Rader, Bandwidth Consulting LLC Poor customer service in the pay-TV and broadband industry presents an opportunity for competitive providers. 26 The FTTH Top 100 / A BBC Staff Report Broadband Communities' annual list of organizations that are leading and innovating in the fiber-to-the-home industry includes equipment and software vendors, network operators and service providers of many kinds, design and construction firms, and an assortment of industry catalysts. FTTH DEPLOYMENTS 10 Electric Co-ops Build Rural Broadband Networks / By Craig Settles, Gigabit Nation In underserved areas, residents often turn to electric co-ops as broadband providers of last resort. 16 Large Companies Plan Gigabit Rollouts / By Masha Zager, Broadband Communities The gigabit goes mainstream: On the heels of Google Fiber, incumbent phone and cable companies are planning gigabit networks in metropolitan areas. THE LAW 22 Advice for Developers: Preempt Disaster / By Carl E. Kandutsch, Kandutsch Law Office and Stephen Mayo, Inteleconnect Developers should design their contracts and their infrastructure so they can efficiently replace a nonperforming provider before sales are impacted. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 74 Consumer Survey: FTTH Adds Value to MDUs / By Steven S. Ross, Broadband Communities Fast broadband is now the No. 1 amenity for multifamily residents, and some MDU owners are leaving money on the table by failing to recognize that fact. The largest- ever statistically valid survey of multifamily residents about broadband, which was commissioned by Broadband Communities and conducted by RVA LLC, offers a wealth of information for MDU owners and service providers. FEATURES Visit for up-to-the-minute news of broadband trends, technologies and deployments New York artist Irving Grunbaum celebrates our all-star issue. ABOUT THE COVER Co-Mo Electric Cooperative builds FTTH. 10 16

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