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MAY-JUN 2014

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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MAY/JUNE 2014 | | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | 73 T he connected home has the potential to dramatically change many aspects of daily life as next-generation services continue to proliferate and home networking evolves. However, the fact that new networked consumer electronic devices operate on diverse networks carries a high risk of consumer confusion. Te connected home needs to be developed as a fully integrated platform, with all industry constituents working together, for people to continue to access digital content and enjoy new digital services. At the center of the connected home lies the home network, which makes services and devices interoperable. However, because home networks use a number of diferent technologies, designing and confguring a home network is beyond most people's capabilities. Many consumers don't even realize the true potential of their devices. Today's connected world demands reliable, secure solutions that are easy to use and control, that accept devices made by multiple vendors and that balance comfort, convenience and cost. Consumers expect a clear proposition of what a device is, how it will beneft them, how it will ft into their lifestyles and how they will use it. Tey don't want to be limited to buying connected devices all of the same brand, nor are they willing to live with technology islands that cannot communicate with one another. HOW UPNP CAN ENHANCE CONSUMER EXPERIENCES Devices in home networks that are based on UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) technology provide easy access to one another and to sources of content. UPnP technologies provide the foundation to complement a variety of management gateways and device control scenarios, incorporating well-vetted mechanisms for security, discovery and service advertisement. UPnP enables digital products from multiple brands to interoperate and share digital content, making it easier for consumers to connect and enjoy their music, video and photos. Tat being said, UPnP is not a single solution but rather an enabler that empowers audiovisual devices or any other IP-based devices to communicate with anything on an IP network. Within a home, UPnP acts as the enabling machine-to-machine language between set-top boxes and gateways, communicating with retail devices such as TVs, tablets and mobile phones to ensure the successful delivery of entertainment content. UPnP Forum provides a standard that enables UPnP-certifed products to be compatible with one another in a home network environment even if they are manufactured by Many consumers don't even realize the true potential of their connected devices. Consumer Experience In Connected Homes If devices don't play, consumers will unplug them. Service providers and manufacturers must work together to create seamless plug-and-play experiences for consumers. By Alan Messer, Clarke Stevens and Wouter van der Beek / UPnP Forum BROADBAND APPS BBC_May14.indd 73 5/29/14 9:19 AM

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