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MAY-JUN 2014

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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34 | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | | MAY/JUNE 2014 FTTH CONFERENCE & EXPO service fulfllment and revenue assurance. ETI's modular, fully integrated solution gives providers the power to work smarter and support the network at every stage, from design and construction to activation, billing, monitoring and management. Delivering the tools needed to manage complex systems more efciently, reduce operating costs and ensure optimal quality of service, ETI is based in Norcross, Ga. Visit ETI in Booth #809. G4S Technology Booth #717 G4S Technology is a systems integrator that brings innovative, fexible and cost-efcient thinking to the design, construction and maintenance of stand-alone or integrated communication networks and electronic security systems. For nearly two decades, G4S Technology has ofered commercial, industrial and governmental clients an efcient single point of contact for all their project issues. A trusted partner to customers and suppliers around the world, G4S Technology takes great pride in delivering outstanding technology and superior service. G4S Technology has deployed over 2 million fber miles in more than 200 metropolitan and rural areas and completed over 1,500 electronic security systems in the United States, Europe, Asia, Central America and the Middle East. GLDS Booth #314 A BroadBand Communities Top 100 Company, GLDS sets a new standard for cable billing and subscriber management software. WinCable's client/server architecture, attractive Windows design and robust SQL database provide optimal features, benefts and value. FTTH, IPTV, digital and analog set-top boxes, conditional- access satellite receivers, cable modems, VoD and VoIP can all be managed directly from the WinCable billing system. GLDS also ofers a mobile app for feld-based workforce management as well as telephone and Web-based customer self-care. • Designed for the requirements of private, franchised and municipal broadband • Exclusive "address based" features • Full support for Interdiction, FTTH, digital, IPTV, VoIP and more • Landlord/tenant billing options • Low-cost stand-alone or cloud-based solutions. Serving small and mid-sized operators, GLDS has implemented its solutions for over 400 broadband systems in 49 U.S. states and 44 countries. For more information, contact GLDS Sales at 800-882-7950 or visit MasTec Booth #203 Communication and its infrastructure are constantly evolving, and MasTec is not only keeping pace with that evolution – we're driving it. Our engineering, design, construction and maintenance services support the world's most advanced fber optic, copper, wireless and satellite networks. Our work spans large geographic areas all across the country, and we're able to supply crews and equipment 24/7. We combine cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, skilled professionals and an unfailing commitment to safety to ensure that our customers are able to meet their customers' communications needs with the highest levels of reliability and quality. MaxCell Booth #310 MaxCell is the only fexible fabric innerduct system designed specifcally for the network construction industry. Te unique fabric construction allows MaxCell to conform to the shape of cables placed within, greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct. Network operators that use MaxCell can increase their cable densities by as much as 300 percent. MaxSpace is a new, patent-pending, no-dig technology and construction method that safely removes existing innerduct from around active fber optic cables with virtually no load on the cables and no interruption of service. As the innerducts are removed, cables migrate to bottom of the outer conduit. Once all innerducts are removed, up to 90 percent of conduit space is recovered, allowing up to nine more cables to be placed with MaxCell in the reclaimed space of a conduit that was once considered full. MaxCell and MaxSpace will be in Booth #310 at the FTTH Conference and Expo. Visit for more information. Power & Tel Booth #610 Whether you are building or maintaining a network, having the right material at the right time is critical to your success. Power & Tel ofers a reliable source for the products and technologies needed to provide broadband services. As a partner to the communications industry for over half a century, Power & Tel understands commitment to customers and the business factors that allow for long-term success in an ever-changing marketplace. By utilizing our expertise in moving and managing products within the supply chain, you can place even greater focus on serving customers and meeting your proft objectives. BBC_May14.indd 34 5/29/14 9:16 AM

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