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AUG-SEP 2013

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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Editor's notE What Fiber Can Do For Your Community CEO & EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Scott DeGarmo / PRESIDEnT Jeffrey M. Reiman / PUBLISHER nancy McCain / CORPOR ATE EDITOR, BBP LLC Steven S. Ross / EDITOR Masha Zager / ADVERTISInG SALES Scott DeGarmo / DIREC TOR Of CLIEnT SERVICES Heather Duke / OnLInE nEwS EDITOR Marianne Cotter / DESIGn & PRODUCTIOn Karry Thomas COnTRIBUTORS Joe Bousquin David Daugherty, Korcett Holdings Inc. Joan Engebretson Richard Holtz, InfiniSys w. James Macnaughton, Esq. Henry Pye, RealPage Bryan Rader, Bandwidth Consulting LLC Robert L. Vogelsang, Broadband Communities Magazine BROADBAND PROPERTIES LLC CEO Scott DeGarmo PRESIDEnT Jeffrey M. Reiman VICE PRESIDEnT, BUSInESS & OPERATIOnS nancy McCain CHAIRMAn Of THE BOARD Robert L. Vogelsang VICE CHAIRMEn The Hon. Hilda Gay Legg Kyle Hollifield BUSInESS & EDITORIAL OffICE BROADBAnD PROPERTIES LLC 1909 Avenue G • Rosenberg, Tx 77471 281.342.9655 • fax 281.342.1158 Broadband Communities (ISSN 0745-8711) (USPS 679-050) (Publication Mail Agreement #1271091) is published 7 times a year at a rate of $24 per year by Broadband Properties LLC, 1909 Avenue G, Rosenberg, TX 77471. Periodical postage paid at Rosenberg, TX, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Broadband Communities, PO Box 303, Congers, NY 10920-9852. CANADA POST: Publications Mail Agreement #40612608. Canada Returns to be sent to Bleuchip International, PO Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2. Copyright © 2013 Broadband Properties LLC. All rights reserved. 2 The new edition of Broadband Communities' FTTH primer makes the advantages of fber broadband clear to nontechnical audiences. T he August-September issue of Broadband Communities is packed with information that we hope you'll fnd interesting and useful. We have the inside scoop on new deployment technologies using microducts and ECAMs. We feature case studies of fber operators that serve such disparate markets as Florida condos, small towns in western Nebraska and a top-secret research lab. We also profle a new middlemile fber network that is expected to spur economic development in the Chicago Southland, detail some of the regulatory hurdles that telemedicine faces, and ofer much more – including, of course, our special guide to the FTTH Conference. What I'm most enthusiastic about in this issue, however, is the fberto-the-home primer, called "What Fiber Broadband Can Do for Your Community." Produced in association with the FTTH Council Americas, it is the ninth edition of a publication we've issued once or twice each year since 2007. Every edition is updated to refect recent changes in technology and business conditions, but the underlying message is always the same: Fiber to the home continues to live up to its promise. In nontechnical language, the primer illustrates the many benefts that fber ofers and shows why the gap between FTTH and other broadband technologies will only widen as time goes on. It gives examples of fber connections' adding to home prices and rental values, boosting economic vitality and enabling improvements in quality | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | of life, including health, education, public safety and energy management. AN EDUCATIONAl TOOl In the last few years, many fber deployers, both public and private, as well as broadband activists and consultants, have used the FTTH primer to educate communities about the advantages of fber broadband. Some distribute copies of the primer to city council members and other key decision makers. Others distribute copies to every household in a community. Both methods are efective. Te primer addresses real people – not telecom experts – in language they can understand. One consultant told us, "As soon as people understand what the technology is, they understand why they need it." Most consumers don't care about technology. Tey care about good service, trouble-free broadband, video that doesn't stop and start, Internet that doesn't slow down at 3:00 p.m., the ability to work from home and freedom from bandwidth caps. Te primer connects the dots for them. Te fber-to-the-home primer has been credited with generating needed support for both public and private FTTH projects. Tink about whether it could make a diference to your project, and give us a call at 281-342-9655 to order copies for your community. v | August/september 2013

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