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AUG-SEP 2017

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2017 | | BROADBAND COMMUNITIES | 29 "Our new company acquired several different operating systems with hundreds of price points and options," says Mark McMaster, vice president of customer experience, who joined in 2014. ese difficulties led to significant operational challenges, including customer defections, financial weakness and poor employee loyalty. "Even today, our acquired customers have many negative stories about the past they want to share," says Alan Rosenberg, CEO. Rosenberg joined the company in mid-2015 to lead the formation of Access Media Holdings and begin the process of restructuring the assets and rebuilding the business model. e board brought him in to leverage his long experience in telecom turnarounds. HALF-TIME ADJUSTMENTS Rather than make a Hail Mary pass, Access Media Holdings chose to make half-time adjustments in search of the win. "Our adjustments included determining which markets we want to serve, which products we wanted to offer and how we were going to deliver those services," says Rosenberg. e new shareholder group of Access Media Holdings also realized an opportunity to strengthen the company's operations and build a more efficient organization. Over the past two years, Access Media Holdings restructured its entire organization to support its clients. It moved most of its field technicians and support in-house. It developed an in-house network operations center located in its corporate office. It streamlined its bandwidth purchasing and established a new national fiber backbone. Finally, it increased its customer care center's scope to support on-site property management as well as end users. ese steps led to a 30 percent reduction in truck rolls, a 25 percent reduction in call volume and a very low rate of "go back" appointments. "We've continued to build our support team in the local markets and at the corporate office," explains Fee. IDENTIFYING A PRODUCT SET ese half-time adjustments were the perfect first step in building toward the comeback. e next step was identifying the right product set to meet the needs of the MDU market. e company had the largest scale in the industry with a strong presence in very MDU-heavy markets. It was in a great position to leverage its network to develop a new program. In January 2017, industry veteran Bryan Rader joined the company to spearhead this opportunity. "I knew of the historical issues facing Access Media Holdings, as I had several clients who experienced some of their challenges," Rader explains. Last year, Access Media Holdings began laying the groundwork for a new platform to offer its residents. Stephanie Astor, director of business analytics, who also handles carrier relations, says, The UpStream team attends the Rock n Road Show summer meeting, hosted at the Grand Plaza Apartments in Chicago.

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