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JAN-FEB 2017

BROADBAND COMMUNITIES is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. Our editorial aims to accelerate the deployment of Fiber-To-The-Home and Fiber-To-The-Premises.

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The term "solution" has become a popular buzz word throughout the telecom industry. FTTx network architects are frequently approached by manufacturers, touting their latest and greatest, but what does "solution" really mean? To some, it's an answer to the single deployment hurdle in front of them. To others, it answers a series of demanding questions or issues which could comprise an entire system or infrastructure. In many cases, it may be a combination of both. Network architecture is a puzzle. To ensure maximum connectivity and revenue efficiency, each piece must fit perfectly with the piece next to it. With each proposed solution, questions arise…. Is this just one piece of the infrastructure puzzle or is it many? If only a single piece, will it fit correctly to make the whole puzzle work as it should? Today, we continue to see aggressive network expansion as well as the development of new networks to satisfy the insatiable appetites of consumers who desire voice, video and data on demand. Whether at work, at home or on vacation, consumers' expectations for access to high data speeds and reliability is exponentially increasing. Staying ahead of the bandwidth boom requires confident expertise and consistent attention to network growth and the continued adoption of new fiber optic technologies. At AFL, we are experts in the entire network solution puzzle and have the right capabilities to bring all aspects of design, engineering, construction, maintenance and training together for our customers. With both quality products and specialized services, we can help maximize the deployment and reliability of any FTTx network both now and in the future. ENGINEERING AND DESIGN Design, engineering and proposal capabilities for efficient FTTx network layouts and deployments CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE AFL offers 17 different services including project management, construction/installation and maintenance EDUCATION/TRAINING Light Brigade ® leads the telecom industry in fiber optic training with tools and resources to fully equip contractors and other industry personnel HARDWARE AND ACCESSORIES AFL offers a complete line of conductor accessories and fiber optic hardware including dead ends, trunnions, clamps, vibration dampers and snowshoes FIBER CABLE AND ASSEMBLIES AFL produces a vast portfolio of fiber optic cable and cable assemblies including OPGW, ADSS, Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC), simplex and duplex assemblies and MicroCore ® cable CONNECTIVITY PRODUCTS AFL provides a complete line of inside plant and outside plant connectivity products including rack mount panels, patch and splitter modules, demarcation enclosures and splice closures FUSION SPLICERS AFL proudly supplies and services the world's premier fusion splicing product line: Fujikura's fusion splicing solutions TEST EQUIPMENT AFL offers a complete line of test and inspection equipment including OTDRs, xWDM test sets, inspection and cleaning, fiber identifiers and fault locators © 2016 AFL, all rights reserved. or (800) 235-3423 THE SOLUTION PUZZLE

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